024: Encyclomedia 001: The Spielberg Band Draft

In lieu of a new Zagways this week, we offer you a sneak peek of Jesse's new podcast.  Encyclomedia pits good friends Jesse, Jake (friend of the show) and Ross in creative games and discussions about their favorite movies, shows, games, albums, and more.  In the pilot episode, each member drafts a rock band from the entire stable of characters that appeared in Steven Spielberg films.


"Zagways" by Bad Custer

"Encyclomedia" by Bad Custer

Jesse, Jake, and Ross are Encyclomedia.  Coming soon to a feed near you.

Jesse and Jake are one half of Bad Custer. Follow on Spotify or Apple Music or Bandcamp for music, Instagram for sweet memes.  And check out their new web site at

Listen here, or search "Zagways" in your favorite podcast player.